Lyra Learn Wiki bounty

Proposed Lyra Learn scaffold


We’re going to create a deep knowledge base for Lyra education. The goal of the Lyra Learn Wiki bounty is two fold:

1 - Access untapped talent and knowledge in our community

Lyra Learn gives us a way to coordinate and incentivise talented and experienced members of the community to contribute to options and protocol education. By decentralizing this effort we can:

2 - Create a central location for Lyra product and onboarding information

The Lyra mechanism is complex - if we want people to evangelise the benefits of the protocol they first need to understand it through accessible educational material.

Lyra Learn will become a central hub that existing users can upskill or be used as an onboarding tool as new people enter the community.


The project will be broken down into three phases:

Scaffolding - 1 week

In this phase we’ll finalize the initial scaffold and bounty amounts for each piece of content.

Initial Bounty - 2 weeks

In this stage, contributors will begin to claim pieces of content over a two week sprint.

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